What Is The Shab E Barat? and It’s Importance in Islam

Shab e Barat falls in month of Shaban. Read What Is The Shab E Barat? and It’s Importance in Islam. There are many names for this, It also knows as sweety Eid because mostly people make a sweet dishes. It known also known as Bara’at Night Shab e Barat or the night of records. People knows it as forgiveness night (The night your sins are forgiven), it is one of the Holy nights in Islam. Muslims of Asia are knows and celebrated it as third Eid.

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Muslims observation is Shab-e-Barat comes on the 15th of Shaban (the 8th month of Islamic lunar calendar). It is often quoted by Islamic scholars that In this night, the fortune of every creature has been decided by Almighty Allah. People also pray to Almighty Allah for forgiveness as this night also called one of the merciful nights in Islamic history.

What Is The Shab E Barat? and It’s Importance in Islam

The Shab E Barat is a night where all the Muslims celebrate the night of blessings with special prayers. Shab-e-Barat observed in the mid of Shaban month (15th Shaban) every year. And the 15th Shaban starts at the time of sunset of 14th Shaban and being observed in the whole night. Islamic lunar calendar is based on the appearance of the moon. Normally end of the day count at midnight but Islamic day start as sunset and moon appear. Therefor this night also started once sun has sunset.

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Shab e-Barat 2022 Dates and Calendar

According to the Islamic calendar, Shab-e-Barat has observed on the night between. The crescent for the holy month of Shaban has not sighted in Pakistan, according to the chairman of the central Ruet-e-Hilal committee, and the beginning of the month Shaban will begin on Tuesday, March 5, 2022. Therefore, Bara’at Night falls on the evening of Saturday, 19 March and ends on the evening of Monday, 20 March. While it will be in Saudi Arabia Friday, 18 March 2022. It also has one of the major festivals for the Muslim community celebrated on the 15th night of the month of Sha’ban.

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Muslims common practices on This Holy Night

Common practice for this night did by muslims is, praying Nafl namaz, Salat Tasbeeh, Darood and other many duas which recite in this night.

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