The story of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the childless woman

Hazrat Moses was the glorious prophet of God. Allah Almighty had given him great glory and status. Allah also gave him the privilege of communicating with Allah. He used mountain Koh e Toor to speak to Allah. Here we are sharing The story of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the childless woman. She was very sad about her children.

The story of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the childless woman

One day Prophet Moses (pbuh) were going to the mountain koh e toor when he met a woman on the way. She was crying. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) asked her why she was crying. ” She said, “I am childless. I have no children. Daily your are talking with Allah. Today ask Allah and tell me if I have any children in my destiny or not. Women mock me for being infertile.”

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Moses went to mountain Torah and asked Allah about this woman. Allah said, “She has no children.” When Prophet Moses told this woman that Allah has said that you have no children in your destiny. Hearing this, the woman cried a lot, but she had no choice.

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One day a poor man came to the house of this woman and called out, “I am hungry. Give me some bread”. When this woman heard the voice of the poor man, she came to the door. The poor man said, “Allah will give you as many sons as you give me piece of bread.” She give to four bread to the poor man. By the grace of Allah, four sons were born to him. She was very happy. One day Moses passed by the house of this woman. This woman asked Moses that you were saying that I will not have any children. Look, I have four sons. Moses was very surprised. He went at Toor and asked Allah, Ya Allah you had said. That this woman will have no children but she has four sons, what is the matter?

What Allah Reply To Prophet Moses (pbuh)

God gave Moses a plate and a knife and said. O Moses, we will answer your questions, but first bring us human meat in this plate. Moses took the plate and the knife and came to the town. Now he have told all the people of the town that Allah has asked for human meat. But no one agreed to give his meat. Mosa walked around the town and suddenly a man came from the front and asked Moses, what’s the matter Moses why are you worried? Moses told him that God had called for a plate of human meat. But no one is willing to give. That person picked up the knife and cut the meat from different parts of his body and filled the plate.

Moses took the plate and gave it to Allah. He said: O Musa! Why did you need to enter the town? You are a human being too. Why didn’t you give your meat? That is the answer to your question.

The man who gave his flesh in my name, I gave this woman four sons at his request. O Moses, when anyone returns to me, I will change my decision at his request.

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The story of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the childless woman

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