Taraweeh Dua With English Translation

Read Taraweeh Dua with English translation and memorize it. Taraweeh prayer is performed in two two or four four rakats during the entire month of Ramadan, which is recited by Muslims every day after the obligatory Isha prayer. This is called Taraweeh prayer. Taraweeh Dua is recited after every four rakat of Taraweeh prayer. Taraweeh or Tasbeeh Taraweeh is an Arabic word meaning to rest and relax. Read Taraweeh Dua With English Translation. If one prays the Taraweeh prayer alone, he can pray with one salam two two rak’ahs or four four rak’ahs. Two two rak’ahs are often recited with the imam. Number of total Taraweeh rak’ahs are different by scholars. Minimum 8 and maximum 20 rak’ahs witnessed are.

Taraweeh Dua With English Translation

Taraweeh prayer is one of the remarkable specialties of Ramadan nights; for the whole month, Muslims stand up at night to observe a number of optional rakats and listen to and reflect on the recitation of the Qur’an. Completes the recitation of the whole Quran before the end of the month of Ramadan.

These night prayers are emphasized in the hadith and can also be called “Qiyam-ul-Layl” (Night Prayers). Because this prayer can performed till midnight after Isha. Taraweeh Dua in Urdu Translation

Taraweeh Dua

Recommended interval between Taraweeh prayers after each set of four rakats. Muslims in different regions celebrate these intervals with different acts of worship.

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However, no book of hadith mentions any recommended dua during these intervals of Taraweeh prayers, in which Muslims usually recite in several mosques. The following prayer is commonly known as Taraweeh (tarawih) Dua.

Taraweeh Dua With English Translation


Exalted is the Possessor of the hidden and the manifest dominion. Exalted is the Possessor of Might, Greatness, Reverence, Power, Pride, and Majesty. Exalted is the Master, the Living, the one who neither sleeps nor dies. All-perfect, All-holy, Our Lord, and the Lord of the angels and the souls. O Allah, grant us refuge from the Hellfire. O Granter of refuge, O Granter of refuge, O Granter of refuge. (Translation islamicfinder.org)

A thorough search of the books of Hadith, Tafsir and Fiqh did not reveal a single mention of this Dua, Taraweeh Dua or any Dua / Zikr.

One should be aware of the fact that there is no Sunnah or recommended prayer for Taraweeh. One can engage in any Tasbeeh, Durood, Zikr-e-Ilahi, or one can remain silent during the break of Taraweeh.

However, if one wants to recite Taraweeh Dua, it is permissible as long as one accepts that it is merely permissible (Sunnah or Mustahab).

Taraweeh Dua With English Translation

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