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When we welcomed a new baby girl, after that 1st we think about which name to choose. All Muslims mostly looking the name that related to Islamic names. Although some people get knows by latest technology that welcome baby is girl or boy. So they decide the name before of born kid. Here we are sharing some popular Muslim Girl Names With Meaning. Might be from this Muslim Girl Names list, one name is for your baby. You can discuss with your family member to find out which name would be perfect for your daughter name.

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Muslim Girl Names With Meaning

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Muslim Girl Names With Meaning Starting With A

English ArabicMeaning
AadabآدَابHope and need
Aahdأَحَد،/عَهْدPledge; Knowledge
AaliaعَالِيَةExalted; Highest social standing
AamaalآمَالHopes; Aspirations
AasmaaأَسْماءExcellent; Precious
AatifaعاطفةAffection; Emotion
AbirعَبِيرFragrance, Perfume
AblaaعَبْلَاءPerfectly formed
AfafعَفَافChastity, Purity
AfnanأَفْنَانTree Branches
AhlamأَحْلَامWitty; one who has pleasent dreams;imaginative
AidaعائِدةVisiting; Returning
Aisha / AyeshaعَائِشَةLively, Wife Of The Prophet (Pbuh) And Daughter Of Abu Bakr
AizaعَائِزَةRespected, Noble
AleenaعَلِينةSoft, Delicate
AliaعَالِيَةExalted; Highest social standing
AlishbaالإِشبَاعBeautiful, Pretty
AliyaعَالِيَةHigh, Exalted
AmalأَمَلHope; Aspiration
AmaniأَمَانِيWishes; Aspirations
AmaraعَمَرَةEternal Beauty
Amatullahأمَةُ اللهFemale servant of Allah
AmeenaأَمِينَةTrustworthy; Faithful
AmeeraأَمِيرَةLeader; Princess
AnamعَنَمGod’s Living Creations
AnbarعَنْبَرPerfume; Ambergris
AneesaأَنِيسَةFriendly; of good company
AnumأَنْعُمBenefit, Blessing
AnwaarأَنْوَارRays of light
AreebahأَرِيبَةWitty and smart
AreejأَرِيجPleasent smell
AreeshaعَرِيشَةBuilt Structure
Aroobعَرُوب(Woman) Loving to her husband
Arwaعُرْوَة،/ عَرْوَةFemale mountain goat
AsahعَسَىPlant known for its greeness
AseelahعَسِيلَةOne belonging to a great heritage and family
AsiyaآسِيَةOne who tends to the weak and heals them
AsmaأَسْمَاءDaughter of Abu Bakr
AyehآيَةSign; distinct
AzeezaعَزِيزَةEsteemed; Precious; Cherished
AzhaarأَزْهَارFlowers; Blossoms
AzzaعَزَّةYoung female gazelle

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