How To Pray Namaz Step By Step

How To Pray Namaz (Salah) Step By Step: Welcome the beginners guide of perform salah step by step on our website. The second of Islam’s five pillars is salah in Arabic صلاة pronounced as Salah or Salat. All Muslims who have reached the age of majority, which is puberty, must perform five times a day of Salah. With the act of prostration being the time we are closest to Allah, it provides us the chance to speak with Him, remember Him, and express our thanks to Him. Every believer receives the gift of salah, which is the first thing we are held accountable for on the Day of Judgment.

How To Pray Namaz Step By Step

How To Pray Namaz Step By Step

With over 2 billion adherents worldwide, Islam is the religion that is expanding the quickest. All Muslims are instructed by their faith to glorify God Almighty by engaging in salah (daily prayers).

Muslims hold that humans were made just to worship Allah and Him alone. The daily salah satisfies this objective. This tutorial will go over a lot of the fundamentals a Muslim has to be aware of in order to do their daily prayers, including:

  • First and foremost, why do we pray?
  • What do I do to create wudu and be ready for salah?
  • The five daily prayers: how do I do them?
  • What distinguishes Fajr, Dhur, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha from one another?
  • How do I resume the prayer after making a mistake?

Also we will discuss many other topics in this guide.


This short tutorial has been put up as a simple method for new users to understand how it works or for anybody who wants to brush up on their expertise. The Hanafi school of Islamic law is used to interpret all of these decisions.

There are five times during the day and night designated for salah. By reading our guide, you may quickly determine the proper Salah.