Hazrat Omar’s Desire to Eat Fish

It is remarkable that Hazrat Umar (RA) never made any wish. One day, when he wanted to eat fish, he expressed it to his slave Yerka. He was your great faithful Khadim. One day you said that Yerka loves to eat fish today. Let’s see what was Hazrat Omar’s Desire to Eat Fish.

Hazrat Omar’s Desire to Eat Fish

One day, when Hazrat Umar (RA) wanted to eat fish. But the problem was, his slave Yerka have to go eight miles to the river to catch fish and come back eight miles again. Then he said, “Leave it, don’t eat. It is not good to put yourself in so much trouble for a small desire that going eight miles and coming back eight miles only for my fish?”.

Leave yerka, if it was available in nearby than it was different thing.

Ghulam says I have been your servant for many years. But you never made any wish but today when you have made a wish, I thought in my heart that Hazrat Omar Farooq has made a wish for the first time and I will not fulfill it.? How can this be?

Yerka Think and Went to Catching Fish

Ghulam says: When Mr. Umar went to offer Zuhr prayers, I knew that some guests had come to him and Asr would be there.

The slave says that I prayed behind Hazrat Umar and pray two rakats of Sunnah and sat on the horse. It was an Arabian horse and I ran to the river. What is eight miles for an Arabian horse??.

Arriving there, I bought a piece of fish and returned before the ‘Asr prayer of Hazrat Umar (RA). And I tied the horse in the cool shade. So that the sweat that has come from him will dry up and Hazrat Omar Farooq will not to seen it from anywhere

The slave says that the horse’s sweat has dried up but the dust has accumulated on the horse due to the sweat. It was clear that the horse had gone on a journey somewhere. Then I thought that Hazrat Umar Farooq should not be seen. Then I quickly took the horse to the well and quickly bathed it and brought it and tied it in the shade. (What happens when we have desires but are afraid to fulfill these desires because conscience is alive). He says that when Hazrat Umar Farooq came after offering Asr prayers, I also offered prayers behind him.

Khadim Says to Hazrat Omar’s

When I came home, I said, Hazoor, Allah has granted your wish. The fish has been arranged and I will serve the cooked fish in a short time. God filled the Hazrat Omar’s Desire to Eat Fish.

He says that when I said this word, Hazrat Omar Farooq got up and went to the horse and turned his hand on the back of the horse. He turned his hand on her legs and then went to her ears and picked up another ear of the horse. And they said, “Yerka, you have washed the whole horse, but you do not remember wiping the sweat from behind the ears.” And here I forgot to pour water.

Hazrat Omar Farooq Reaction

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Hazrat Omar knelt down and said:
“Oh, my friend, come here. I have no doubt in your loyalty
And I’m not a better person, either.
I am not a pious person,
I ask for prayers
O Allah, forgive me by equalizing my good and bad deeds.
I did not show much piety and continued to speak. Dude, tell me one thing if this horse cries out to Allah on the day of resurrection that Omar RZ has given me a journey of 16 miles to fulfill one of his wishes.
O Allah, I was an animal,
Was speechless
A journey of 16 miles to fulfil a wish.
Tell me, then, how can a weak man like me answer a horse’s question to his Allah? “

Yerka Says:

“I didn’t cry as much today as I did today when my father died,” says Yerka. I did not have this thought in my mind. The slave began to weep. Hazrat Omar Farooq said: Now do this, add some extra fodder to the horse and distribute the fish that you have brought to the poor houses of Madinah and give them this fish and ask for your forgiveness. Do it and pray for Omar’s forgiveness. “

Hazrat Omar’s Desire to Eat Fish

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