What Are The Five Pillars of Islam For Muslims

In Islam The Five Pillars of Islam (Arkan Al-Islam) mention to five obligations that every Muslims must perform. From these first is (SHAHADH) the declaration of faith. While other fours are related to the religious acts which perform either daily, once a year or at least once in a lifetime. These duties must follow by all Muslims in the their life. Both Sunny and Shia Maslak are agree about details of the performance and practice of these acts.

What Are The Five Pillars of Islam For Muslims

Bellow of the Five Pillars of Islam

  1. SHAHADAH: Declaration of Faith
  2. PRAYER: Salah
  3. ZAKAH: Charity
  4. FASTING: Sawm
  5. HAJJ: Pilgrim

SHAHADAH: Declaration of Faith

Basic Is to being a Muslim he believe on declaration of faith that. ” I Declare That There is No God Except Allah and I Declare That Muhammad ﷺ is The Last Messenger (Prophet) of God (Allah)“. This testament is the foundation for all other beliefs and practices in Islam. When anyone Non Muslim become a Muslim, must repeat three times SHAHADAH in Arabic in the presence of witnesses.

The SHAHADAH statement in Arabic is bellow

Ash-Hadu Al Laa Ilaaha Illallah Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Muhammad Ur Rasulullah

The Statement of Shahadah is Must be Genuine Belief That

God is One: God Allah is one and there is no one partner or equal of Allah. Everything that is happening in the world is happening by the will of Allah.

Prophets of Allah: It belief that Allah has sent prophets in the world to every nation to provide guidance to the people. The massage of all the prophets was to walk straight path of Allah. Allah have sent almost 124000 prophets in different period. Hazrat Mohammad ﷺ is the last prophet of Allah.

Judgement Day: (Youm ul Hissab) Only Allah have authority to give the live or death. After death, on the judgement day all people will live again. That life will be real life. Any person who belief on it he also belief Allah is watching all his acts and angles are writing. Prepare for that real life before you die. Only good deeds will save you on that day.

Holly Books: Belief that Allah sent massage to the humanity through his prophets. These massage are contained in the Holly Books o Allah. There are four holly books witch sent by Allah.

  1. The Taurut (Torah) Revealed to the Prophet Musa AH (Moses)
  2. The Zabur (Psalms) Revealed to the Prophet Daud AH (David)
  3. The Injil (Gospels) Revealed to the Prophet Isa AH (Jesus)
  4. The Qur’an Revealed to the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (Sal Allahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)

The Angels: In this world Allah have created lot of things invisible. Angels are also Invisible creatures of Allah. They are doing responsibilities that allah given to them. The angels are sinless. They are not required to eat, sleep or drink. They are praising Allah all the time. each Muslim should have belief on Angels of Allah.

These are some fundamental terms of Declaration of Faith.

PRAYER: Salah 2nd from Five Pillars of Islam

Every Muslim has obliged to offer daily five prayers. That five prayers are

  1. 1st prayer Salat al-Fajr: At dawn
  2. 2nd prayer Salat al-Zuhr: at Mid Day
  3. 3rd prayer Salat al-Asr: at Late Afternoon
  4. 4th prayer Salat al-Maghrib: at Sunset
  5. 5th prayer Salat al-Isha: at Nightfall

The Prophet Mohammad ﷺ said that On the Day of Judgment, the first question will be about prayer. If it is good all other acts will be good and if it is bad all other deeds will be bad. Prayers can be offered everywhere, but it is better to pray in congregation in the mosque. These five prayers are contain verses from the Qur’an and recited in Arabic.

ZAKAH: Charity

Every Muslim has obliged to pay some portion from his her wealth for poor people needs. Zakah known also as charity. In Islam, it is believe that Allah have distributed wealth different levels among the people. It purpose to test humanity and generosity among the believers. A Muslim must share his/her wealth to those less fortunate by contributing 2.5% of their profitable wealth to charity each and every year. Here is Zakat Liabilities Calculator where you can see the value of Nisab also.

It means Purification and Growth of Wealth.

There is the Nisab to pay for Zakat, if your all assets not meet to value of Nisab, you are not eligible to pay it. But still for every Muslims responsibility to help poor people as much as can.


Every year in the month of Ramadan all Muslims required to abstain from food, drink (including Water) and sexual intercourse from dawn to dusk. So the length of fast depends on which season Ramadan fall in. Fasting during Ramadan entails discipline and abstaining many other things like medication, acts of evil, malicious talk, harming yourself or others, smoking, intoxication, impure thoughts and so forth.

More over Muslims are expected to refrain from anger, envy, greed, lust, gossip, violence, bad actions. The key objective of a fast is to purity of the mind, body and soul.

Some people may be exempt from fasting depending on their circumstances. Such as being sick, expecting a baby, or being young, etc. It is also permissible for those who travel on the day of fasting. If one cannot fast, he can feed the people later.
It is commonly known as Fedia.

HAJJ: Pilgrim

The Hajj pilgrimage takes place every year and is where Muslims from all over the world visit the Makkah to circle around the Ka’bah to worship Allah SWT. The journey is made in straight white, unworn clothes, it is called ihram. One of the great strengths of ihram is that it promotes unity in Islam and advises us that regardless of our nationality, age, rank or race. We are all the same in the sight of Allah (swt).

The Hajj takes place during the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar, in Dhul-Hijjah and is a journey that every able-bodied Muslim should aim to take at least once in his life.

Hajj begins after the festival of Eid al-Adha, where the time for sacrifice (festival of sacrifice) comes. The Hajj journey has nothing to do with Qurbani because the time of Qurbani corresponds to the spirit that Abraham (peace be upon him) was created to establish devotion to Allah (swt).

What Are The Five Pillars of Islam For Muslims

What Are The Five Pillars of Islam

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