An Arabic Story of a Thief and the King’s Daughter | the Thief’s Repentance

Friends… Today we are going to tell you a very instructive story. We hope You will definitely like this post. That shows to the people, how God is bless them when kind. This story has written in many books with little different content. There are two top stories with some alternative content. But the result both of them is same. It is An Arabic story of a thief and the king’s daughter. The moral of the story is the thief’s repentance because Allah put the world at his feet due to his goodness. He thanks to the Allah who show him a right way.

An Arabic story of a thief and the king's daughter
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An Arabic story of a thief and the king’s daughter

Once upon a time there was a thief, he went to a king’s palace with the intention of stealing. It was night time. And from one of the rooms of the palace came the voice of the king and his wife talking. He stood up and listened. Although it is wrong to hear this, it is illegal, it is theft, but the thief came to steal. After all, it was the thief who heard the king saying to his wife.

Talk Between King and his wife

I will marry my daughter to a man who is very pious, very pious. When the thief heard this, he thought to himself, “Why don’t I pretend that the king will marry the princess to me?” A greed arose in the heart. Now he forgot to steal but he came down to cheat and went home thinking for a long time how can I succeed in this?.

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Then a tactic came to his mind. That there is a mosque near the king’s palace. So maybe it will reach the king that there is a pious man here who is engaged in the worship of Allah day and night, then maybe. That the king’s gaze may fall upon me and I may be chosen to marry the princess. This was a despicable and despicable worldly goal of this thief. For which he intended it.

Then, according to his program, he went to this mosque, disguised as a nobleman, and started praying, dhikr and recitation, and meditation. Days passed and it became known among the people that some great saints have come here who worship day and night. It even reached the king that some of the gods had come and sat here, young, incomparable in asceticism, unparalleled in piety and purity, when the king found out. So he began to think, according to his intentions, why he should not be chosen for what he had thought of the princess.

King’s Invitation to The Thief

The king sent his minister to discuss the matter. The minister approached the man and told him. That I have brought a message from the king to your high service, he asked what the message is. The minister said the king had made the decision several years ago. That he would marry his daughter to a person who is very pious and pious, who belongs to Allah and he was looking for her. Now that you have seen it, the choice has come to you. So the king sent me. Let me talk to you about this.

This is the person who actually came and sat here with the same desire. He listened to the minister’s speech for a long time, after which tears flowed from his eyes.

Minister’s question to the thief

The Minister asked, “What is the matter?” He said, “I do not approve of the message you have brought today.” The minister said why not? The man said, “Let me tell you plainly that I was a thief.” And once went to the king’s palace with the intention of stealing. Then he told her everything that had happened and then the thief said. That I had taken this position out of greed, but when I came and sat here, my God made me His own. Now after that I don’t need anyone else, my God is enough for me.

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2nd Version of Story, the Thief’s Repentance

There is an Arabic legend that a king was very worried about his daughter’s marriage. He had been looking for a good and devout son-in-law for years. One day he called the minister and asked him to somehow find a worshiper from among his subjects for my daughter.

The minister deployed his army around the city’s Jama Masjid and said, “Keep a close eye on the person who will enter the mosque at midnight, do not let him out until I come.” At the same time, a thief came out of the house with the intention of stealing and thought in his heart why not go to the city’s Jama Masjid today and steal the valuables of the mosque there. As soon as the thief entered the mosque, the management of the mosque, unaware of the thief, locked the mosque from outside and went to their homes.

An Arabic Story of a Thief and the King’s Daughter

Troops informed the minister that a worshiper appeared to have arrived. But the mosque has been locked. The minister hurried to the mosque and waited anxiously for the morning call so that the good man inside could be brought before the king. As soon as the mosque opened, the minister and his entourage entered. The thief was shocked to see that he was caught today and hastily made the intention to pray. As soon as he saluted, he would immediately stand up and make the intention again. The minister convinced of his devotion.

As soon as they saluted, the soldiers caught the thief and presented him before the king. The minister said, “King, peace be upon you. The man you want has arrested him from the mosque. He has been worshiping in the mosque all night.” The thief’s condition was deteriorating. The king said to the thief, What if I married my daughter to you and made you crown prince of my kingdom? Do you agree.

The thief looked on in amazement. Asked nervously. Great place. Why this kindness? The king said, “You are a worshiper.” He stayed in the mosque all night and came out after the morning call.

The Thief Began to Think in his Heart

The thief began to think in his heart, “O Allah! I went to your house with the intention of stealing, but I prayed with the intention of showing off and in return you put the world at my feet. If I really worshiped and recited Tahajjud at night then what would be your reward !!!

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Standing there, Thief regret and repented.

Blessed are those whose heart is in worship. At present the heart murmurs before its master. Leaving the comfortable beds, they stand on the mat. What will be their place in the sight of Allah? One cannot even imagine this.

No doubt! When worship becomes worship, prayer becomes prayer, remembrance becomes remembrance and our other worships become true worships. So of course these prayers and worships prevent man from evils.

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End An Arabic Story of a Thief and the King’s Daughter | the Thief’s Repentance

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